Back to School: Information for Parents

As we prepare to return to school on Monday, 2nd September, here is some important information for parents to be aware of.


As you may be aware, building work is ongoing. We are delighted to be replacing much of our building with new accommodation. Our four classrooms at the back and our new three classroom block will be open on Monday, 2nd September. Building works will continue on our Admin Block until late October. We will be explaining to pupils that they must not pass any of the fenced areas and must stay within the designated walking paths for the building period. Pupils will be supervised at all times during the school day to ensure this.

Drop Off-Pick Up/ Parking

Due to the ongoing work, there will be no space available for parking at the school, or near the school gates. Access for the building site must be kept clear at all times. The turning circle will be open for drop offs. Pupils will assemble at the grass at the back of the school each morning. Any pupil walking home alone will require written consent to do so. Pupils who are being collected by parents will gather at the grass be at the back of the school at finish time. When staff see a parent’s car arrive, the pupil will be released to go to the parent.

All children from the Infant Classes, including our Assisted Learning Class, must be collected in person by an adult.

As per school policy, any child who is not collected within 5 minutes of finish time will be brought back into the school and will need to be signed out by an adult.


School start time is 9.10am. It is very important for the children to be in their line at 10 past 9 for a good start to the school day.

Pupils will be supervised at the grass area from 9.00am. There will be no supervision before 9.00am and the school accepts no responsibility for pupils in the area before that time.

Finish times are 1.50pm for our Infant and ALC classes and 2.50pm for 1st-6th class. Junior Infants will finish at 12.30pm for the first 2 weeks to ease the transition to a full school day.

From Week 2, there will be an after-school club from 1.50pm-2.50pm for the Infant classes, Monday to Friday. This is an optional activity with a cost of 2 euro per day.

Pupils Arriving Late

Any pupils arriving after 10 past 9 will need to sign in at the office (temporarily the classroom at the back of the school, closest to the walkway). They will then be escorted to their classrooms by a member of staff. With the ongoing construction, pupils cannot walk around the school grounds unsupervised at any time.


As our temporary school yard is a grassy area, we recommend pupils bring a pair of wellington boots to leave in school in case the grass is wet.

School Costs

Reminder: Schools Costs for the year are 100 euro per pupil and due by 30th September 2019. This includes the cost for book rental, pupil personal insurance, photocopying and art supplies and school tour. Please speak to the office if you would like to arrange a payment plan.

All your child needs to bring to school on Monday is a school bag and a pencil case with basic stationary. Everything else will be provided. 


We will be sending home a letter with a username and password for each pupil so parents can log on and choose their lunches for the week. Parents can change the lunch order at any time with these details. School lunch is free of charge.

Contact Us

Our phone line has been offline due to construction. We are hoping for this to be reconnected this week. If you have any questions, please email

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