Building Works at Ennis ETNS

This summer has been a busy time at Ennis ETNS. At the beginning of the summer holidays, we received approval for building works, with new temporary accommodation to replace accommodation which was no longer fit for purpose. We are also adding an additional three new classrooms to the school. The main school building is now being demolished and will be replaced with a new administrative block. The three new classrooms will be in the playground area, where a previous building was removed earlier this year.

Due to the late start, the building works will be happening in two phases, with Phase 1 complete by the time we return to school on the 2nd of September. Phase 2 will be completed in full by the mid-term break in October. Between now and the mid-term, there will be some interim arrangements for drop off, pick up and break times. All information parents need on these procedures will be posted the week before we start back to school.

Phase 1: Additional 3 classroom block

Phase 1 of the project is for the additional 3 classroom block to be in place and ready to go for the 2nd of September. These 3 classrooms will be home to 3rd/4th class, 5th/6th Class and our new Nurture Class. The 4 classrooms at the back of the school will remain as they are, with our Infants, 1st/2nd Class and our new Class for children with Autism based there.

Phase 2: New Admin Block

Phase 2 of the project will take an additional 6-8 weeks, and will include our new Office, Staffroom, Principal’s Office, Special Education Teacher Rooms and our sensory room.

We appreciate your patience and support in the first few weeks as we get settled. We are waiting for our landline to be redirected to a mobile phone, so for now should you have any questions please email us at

A very exciting time ahead as we move onwards and upwards.

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